Thursday, September 01, 2005

Solar Cooker - Blackberry-Cherry Cobbler

I cook with the sun

On Sunday I made a blackberry-cherry cobbler with sunlight. Click to see the Flickr Slide Show.

The day before, I had developed Cardboard Eye, giving me a special alertness to every alley, dumpster and delivery entrance. I needed cardboard, nice, clean and big. I felt uneasy until I found the smoothest piece of 3' x 4' corrugated ever. Then I relaxed.

Until the next day, when I couldn't find my drafting tools. I poked the place apart, for naught. Resigned, I picked up sharp pencil and deadly steel ruler (scar is healed, tyvm) and pored over the instructions for the Cookit. I was measuring to the half-centimeter and diving by fractions. On a Sunday.

Just when I was about to start with the dropped lines to form right triangles, and etc., I let go. If these can be made under poor conditions in refugee camps in Africa, I decided my solar cooker could tolerate some freehand. A little utility knifing and some undextrous gluing yielded a stand-on-its-own, tip-you-a-wink, ready to cook Cookit.

Next up: Chicken

Which everyone seems to describe as a "dangerous" dish to try making.

Watch out, I'm dangerous.


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